About us

High level of customers satisfaction It does not only mean offering good quality ProductsprocuctsProducts and services. The company´s philosophy  is to provide complex solutions to your requirements at competitive price. this is highly appreciated by our  customers from the automotive industry as well as in electronics, furniture and other sectors. therefore, by turning to us, you can expectt  CERTAINTY, RELIABILITY and PROFESIONALISM...


Company´s focus

As a supplier for the automotive industry, Automotive Group SK, s.r.o. has been on the market since 2004. We cut and sew upholstery but not only for the automotive industry. The company has introduced a quality management system in accordance with  ISO 9001:2008 standard.  Technological production equipment  meets our customers´ current requirements. In our specialised area we have state-of-the-art equipment at our disposal.

We offer comprehensive solutions to project preparation for our customers. We carry out projects according to our customer requirements from design, optimization, materila consumption calculation, prparation of tecgnological documentationto mass product manufacturing.

Main AMG Ltd. business plan programme is high quality and full capacity industrial cutting and sewing of upholstery for the automotive industry, door panel upholstery, insulating, anti-noise and carpet panelling, car seat covering, child´s car seats, child seats, complete and partial transport protective covering for roofs and car bonnets, protective sleeves for mirrosrs and seats, cutting and sewing of transport coverings designated for component public transport, fabric panelling for solid metal construction and plastic boxes as well as cutting and sewing of roofs nets/ wind shields and many more.

AMG History

2004 production extended by new projects in cutting, sewing and welding of complete and partial transport coverings for car bonnet protection. 

2005 cutting and sewing of fabric filling for metal construction and textile filling for component public transport boxes for the automotive industry.

2006 cutting and sewing and glueing of anti-noise panelling

2007 cutting and sewing of overalls for automotive service teams

2008 cutting and sewing mass production of coverings for children´s car seats

2009 new project launch and mass production of roof nets - wind shields for cars

2009 alternative production of sewing upholstery for  furniture industry.

2009 production extended by new projects in sewing upholstery the furniture industry.

2010 we have extended our production to other projects :

- cutting and sewing and glueing nonwoves auxiliary material for nuclear state and the residual company.

- cutting and sewing upholstery of leatherette to automotive interiors.

2011 we have extended our production by new project cutting pieces of sun visor in car interior.

2012 in this jahr we have been working on new projects with our regular customers as well as we are negotiating with potential customers to win new business contracts.

2015 our company has been awarded the "Significant Slovak exporter" medal.

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