Machine Park

Machine park - cutting room :

Technological equipment – CNC cutting machines Lectra enables us to cut various  fabric materials, woven textiles, and non- woven textiles with plastic wrap surfacing, PVC material, paper, plastic foam, foam and many others. We offer various  shapes for cutting according to customer´s requirements. A Crucial benefit of this system is the possibility to regulate vacuum force which enables us to process materials with foam base for the automotive industry where high accuracy is needed.

We design the most appropriate parts for cutting. We provide better, more economical material usage and minimize  waste. The cutting machine is a high efficient, effective and versatile system used for cutting upholstery interiors in the furniture industry, upholstery interiors in the automotive industry, leather products for the boot-and-shoe-industry, sports industry and many others

Machine park -sewing room :

We own one-needle and two-needle machines used not only for textile sewing but also for non- woven fabrics with plastic wrap surfacing and PVC materials. Edging machines, zip machines, welding machines for high-frequency welding of non-woven textiles.

Machines are run by professionally trained staff. The maintenance is provided by our technical department in cooperation with a machine equipment supplier.